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Social enterprises are businesses with social objectives at their core. They trade in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, sport and leisure, job creation and working with young adults with learning difficulties or disabilities.

As mainstream companies, social enterprises have tax and accounting obligations too. At Wyntax we specialise in third sector taxation and accounting for social enterprises. You don’t need to explain to us what a social enterprise is, its legal structure or how it is formed.

Years of dedication and true grit are what make the vision of a social enterprise a reality. It’s this vision that is central to its existence! We understand this and use our years of social enterprise experience to ensure they are sustainable and viable.

Talk to us about:

  • Tax relief investment opportunities for social enterprises, what are the benefits for investors?
  • What are the legalities of the CICs at Company’s House?
  • What tax breaks apply to you? Trust us there are plenty out there!
  • Can CICs register for an employer NIC holiday?
  • What is subject to corporation tax?
  • Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR)
  • Our discounted rate for CICs

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