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Starting a new business venture can be challenging

Tax is probably the last thing on most entrepreneurs’ minds, with the excitement of a new business venture but it should be right up there with everything else. When setting up a new business there are many things to think about. Not factoring in cost implications and taxation could result in an expensive lesson that could be easily avoided. Don’t get caught out.

Talk to us, we can help and give you clarity on the best tax structure for your company and how best to set up your financial accounting systems efficiently from the start. Why leave it to chance when your finger needs to be on the pulse?

We have helped many new businesses including Sole Traders, Social Enterprises, Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited companies. Our expert assistance has saved them both time and avoidable costs.

Does this sound like you? Then come and talk to us.

  • When should I register for VAT - or not?
  • Tax implications for joint business ventures?
  • What is my Capital Allowance?
  • How do I complete registration procedures with Companies House and HMRC?
  • What are the tax implications of running a part-time business
  • What's the right tax rate for my employees?
  • How much National Insurance should I pay?
  • Will anyone lend me money?
  • Should I buy or rent premises?
  • What insurance will I need?
  • Is this a good name for my business?
  • Which bank can I trust?
  • What’s in a business plan?
  • What are the tax regulations for exporting or importing?